Supporting parents with your child’s potty training journey.


Elimination communication and potty training classes, coaching, support and resources.


- passionate about diaper free

I’m a homeschooling papa who is passionate about supporting parents with potty training, including elimination communication and toddler potty training. I began my journey with pottying in 2011 when my son was born. My wife and I first practiced elimination communication/diaper-free. I enjoyed the increased bonding and connection that this created between my son and I. When my son was 18 months, we finished off with non-coercive potty training, similar to what I teach now.  Since then I have trained as a certified Go Diaper Free Coach and I am excited to support other parents on their pottying journey.

Along with offering resources, including books and clothing, I am interested in helping parents with their pottying journey and offer private coaching, either in person or online, classes, both in-person and online, and lead a support group in my local area of Victoria, BC.

My son Miles is involved simply because he loves helping with whatever I am doing – especially with the hands-on bits like sewing and packing boxes.